Lodestar DX machine



Based on proven LAMP technology offering high specificity and sensitivity


Much lower cost than other molecular platforms


Can connect to mobile devices, laptops and patient management databases

Multiple samples

Runs up to eight samples simultaneously per device


Robust and portable analyser which can be run on a 15V battery with a suitable adapter


Time to result is 35 minutes


Platform LAMP technology suitable for a range of bacterial and viral pathogens

An affordable LAMP reader for your unique assays

We know Llusern isn’t the only business that wants to use LAMP to improve global access to diagnostics.

If you are an academic or industry team working on LAMP and looking for an affordable, easy to use, portable reader, we’d love to hear from you.

We are looking for co-development opportunities including licensing our platform or assay technology, bespoke assay or sample design, or providing Lodestar DX for use with your own LAMP test panels.

We can also work in partnership with academic groups to help achieve impact for research projects by providing a quicker route to regulatory and commercial success.


The Lodestar DX analyser and testing system is registered with the European Patent Office (European Patent Application no: 22732302.9) and the US Patent and Trademark Office (no.18/558,490).