About The Product

Llusern rapid COVID-19 test is based on innovations around molecular biology, electronic design and smart algorithmics. The key principle is based around the well understood process of Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification of DNA and RNA (LAMP) which has been miniaturised for low cost point of care applications.

Minimal user training is required – the swab is dipped directly into our one-tube reaction mixture, which is then placed directly into the Lodestar DX electronic reader device. The test is started and 30 minutes later the user friendly interface will give a positive or negative result. Our test has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with patient management systems.

Click the link below to download the “Instructions for Use” for the LSL SARS-CoV-2 LAMP Test

Instructions for Use



Based on proven LAMP technology offering high specificity and sensitivity

CE marked

CE IVD marked

Multiple Samples

Up to six samples simultaneously per device


Time to result less than 30 minutes with simple readout


Robust and portable device, can be run on a 15V battery with a suitable adapter


Platform LAMP technology (can be used to detect other pathogens)


Affordable, costing significantly less than existing solutions


Connectivity to mobile devices


Possible to input results into existing client database

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