About The Product

Lodestar DX system is a low cost platform technology that allows researchers to conveniently carry out Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) reactions. The technique allows amplification and detection of DNA or RNA in a wide range of bacterial and viral targets.
The system allows the researchers to experiment with own combinations of primers for both clinical and basic science research.
The Lodestar DX  system allows the user to output the fluorescent reaction data in real time directly onto a PC directly and then store for subsequent off-line analysis. The system allows 8- reactions simultaneously and can be operated flexibly based on researcher’s needs. For example, 2 wells can be used as positive and negative controls while 6 for testing.
It can be operated from the mains supply using its powers adapter  (provided) or using a 15Vdc source such as a standard vehicle lighter  plug, allowing usage in remote settings.



Based on proven LAMP technology offering high specificity and sensitivity

Multiple Samples

Up to 8 samples simultaneously per device


Time to result less than 30 minutes with simple readout


Robust and portable device, can be run on a 15V battery with a suitable adapter


Platform LAMP technology suitable for a range of bacterial and viral pathogens


Affordable, costing significantly less than existing solutions


Connectivity to mobile devices


Possible to input results into existing client database

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